Who are Tripanians?

Trips + Companions = Tripanians.

The simplest ideas have the power to change lives, and Tripanians was started on one such simple idea – friends & acquaintances exploring unknown roads together.

Traveling on self drive road trips is a fairly personal quest for most of us. We are usually selective about the people we are comfortable traveling with. When Tripanians was founded in 2016, we approached this notion backward – What if you were to discover companionship in the quest of exploring the world?

Till date, Team Tripanians has covered over 1 lakh kilometers in India and abroad. Our trips have been a fine mix of conversations, chai, food, photography, road trips, beautiful locations and most importantly, companionship and memories.

What are we looking to achieve?

We Tripanians have a special love for road trips. We’ve explored almost every nook and cranny of India and would like to invite you on a special journey to do the same with us.

Cruise on the highways in your car, with your windows down and your favorite songs on a loop. Visit charming locations and see the facets of them you’ve never seen before. Have your meals in traditional dhabas, elegant lake view restaurants, alluring beach shacks, iconic mountain cafes or barbecue at jungle camps.

Every trip you do with us is going to be a fun-filled journey because you will explore the world, explore yourself, and make new companions – every single time!

And while you are at it, have a #TravelWithTripanians experience with us!

The #TravelWithTripanians Experience:

We Tripanians are particular about giving you the best self-drive experience when you are traveling with us and to do that, we take off all the travel woes off your shoulder the moment you’ve booked a tour with us. So, all you have to do is pick up your bags, take out your car, and zoom away with us!

We’ll take care of everything else!

The stay? We’ll book it.

The food? Tried and tested by us!

The loo and chai halts? We’ve got those planned.

The sightseeing? We have the perfect itineraries in place!

That’s how passionate we are about taking you on your next amazing self-driven adventure. A trip you’ll always remember!

Feeling excited already, aren’t you? Go to our Upcoming trips section and find the perfect trip for yourself and your friends and family.

A special journey awaits you. Are you ready?