A Road Trip That Will Take You Around India, in 11 Days!

The Mother of All Indian Road Trips Is Here

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Cities Covered


The darling city that never sleeps, is the first spot on our list!


Lakes, palaces and the rustic rajasthani flavor! Khamma Ghani!


The aroma of spices, the flavors of mughals - India’s Capitol.


Nothing describes this better than camel leather, Taj Mahal, and Panchi Petha!


India’s gateway to spirituality and traditions.


Laid back, fashionable, and platter of Machher Jhol


The pride of Orissa, a crown of temples.


The beach town everyone loves!


Where culture meets the modern world.


Namma Bengaluru calls you!

5 Reasons To do Golden Quadrilateral Road Trip

There are so many epic road trips in India, and this is one of the best! Excellently built National highways will guarantee a smooth ride all along the way.

This road trip will take your through 13 Indian states, 10 major Indian cities, and so many different Indian cultures. Mumbaiya, Rajasthani, UP, Bengali, Oriya, Andhra, Tamil and Kannada cultures await you with a warm welcome!

So many cultures also mean so many different culinary options. This road trip is a delightful platter, serving delicious meals from 13 Indian states

  • Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji
  • Daal – Baat Choorma
  • Daal – Chaawal and chole – kulchey
  • Luchi and Maccher jhol
  • Dahi Baigana and Rasabali
  • Pesarattu and Biryani
  • Dosa, Idli and Pongal

Bisi Bele Bath and Koli Saaru

Imagine a road trip where you will see beaches, forts and palaces, rustic city and town roads, take a dip in the holy Ganges. If all this excites you, the Golden Quadrilateral road trip offers more!

A long road trip like this best done in company of great people. When you are traveling with Tripanians, there’s a truckload of fun guaranteed! Oh, we’re reliable travel partners as well, so the distance won’t matter. 😉

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What Our Fellow Tripanians Have to Say

In 2016, I did the Pune to Kanyakumari road trip with Tripanians. From conceptualization and planning to execution, these folks knew exactly what they were doing.
The best thing about traveling with them was that even when hiccups were encountered on the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, they swiftly and calming resolved them.
I’d recommend Tripanians as a travel partner and would love to join them on their future trips!

– Manjari Upmanyu

In the first week of July, we planned for a 2N3D trip to Udupi,Karnataka (from Pune). Everything about the trip was spot on! Be it the accommodation, travel timings or budget. We left from Pune at 4am and checked in to Udupi by 3pm. A visit to some of the best waterfalls in that region were also included in this trip – Kunchikal Falls, Hidlumane Falls, Dabbe Falls, Jog Falls, Shivaganga Falls. Kudos to the team as they knew exactly how to extract the most of the time in hand.

-Rahul Basak

Well road trip always make things easy in life but a road trip with wonderful company makes it too good to remember it for lifetime. That’s where this team does. Gives a wonderful experience to a road trip. I recommend Tripanians for your next road trip.

– Amit Kumar Dash