A Road Trip To
The Heart of India

Hindustan ka Dil awaits you on a road trip filled with wildlife safaris, cultural immersion, and lessons in the rich history.

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cultural and wildlife spots

5 Reasons Why You Should Join Us on the Road Trip to Hindustan Ka Dil

A Road Trip For The Adventure Lovers

Jungle safaris, tiger sightings, and stays in jungle camps. Can a road trip get any more adventurous?

Walk Down The Culture Lane

Khajuraho, Sanchi, and Ujjain are some of the most culturally rich and versatile places in India. You’ll emerge from this trip with a fresh perspective on life itself.

Mind-blowing Sights and Locations

Gorgeous sights await you, since you’ll be visiting jungles, wildlife reserves, walls of marble rocks, ancient temples and monuments with mystic cravings. This is going to be a visual overload of imagery!

Satiate the Foodie Within You

What’s traveling and adventure without good food? The lip-smacking dishes of Malwa await you on a platter! Street-food, sweets, main-course – you name it, they have it!

The #Tripanians Experience

Wild adventures and trips through the lanes of history are best enjoyed with like-minded companions. We’ll be walking beside you on this trip trip as you breathe in the MP vibes

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What Our Fellow Tripanians Have to Say

Well road trip always make things easy in life but a road trip with wonderful company makes it too good to remember it for lifetime. That’s where this team does. Gives a wonderful experience to a road trip. I recommend Tripanians for your next road trip.

– Amit Kumar Dash

In 2016, I did the Pune to Kanyakumari road trip with Tripanians. From conceptualization and planning to execution, these folks knew exactly what they were doing.

The best thing about traveling with them was that even when hiccups were encountered on the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, they swiftly and calmly resolved them.

I’d recommend Tripanians as a travel partner and would love to join them on their future trips!

– Manjari Upmanyu

I have done two trips with Tripanians. Both of these trips have been Fun, Adventurous and really well planned. I had not done any road trips before I met these guys and my first experience has been fantastic.

I recommend Tripanians to people who share the love for the road as much as these guys do.

– Mayank Saran